My Projects

So, I’m a bit of a polymath, in that I do a wide variety of things, mostly for fun. I’m a web developer (I’m working mainly with Vue.js at this point, though this site was made with Hexo, and I maintain/help maintain a few sites made in Jekyll, and I have a bit of experience with Hugo, so there.), a coder, a writer, a roboticist, a food experimenter, a designer, you probably get the point. Below is a list of skills I have that I felt were worth mentioning.

Disclaimer: I don’t guarantee that any of these external links work/are safe (though, hopefully at least my own websites are…). Use them at your own risk!

Some of my skills/technologies with which I work:

Web Development
Soft Skills
  • Communication (written/verbal)
  • Fluent command of Canadian English (en-CA all the way, eh?)
  • Problem Analysis and Solution
  • Project Management
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit (whatever that is)
  • Empathy (probably)
  • Time Management (sorta)
  • Organizational Skills (when I feel like it…)
Hard Skills?
  • 3D Printing
  • CAD (sorta)
  • Driving (a car, not much else)
  • Walking (oh, really…)
  • Riding a bus (seriously, that’s a skill?)
  • Waking up in the morning (hopefully)
  • Brushing my teeth (alright, that’s enough!)
General Computer Stuff
  • GNU/Linux (Debian/Ubuntu/Manjaro mostly)
  • Command Prompts
  • GitHub/GItLab/GiTea (git in general, basically)
  • Inkscape
  • Microsoft Office
  • Windows 10 (sadly)
  • macOS Sierra (even more sadly)

Stuff I’m learning/want to learn:

Current Projects:

Bot-In-a-Box Educational Robotics – Pushing the boundaries of low-cost, open-source educational robotics kits tailored for Grade 3-8 students.

Wanhao Duplicator i3 – Custom Firmware – Based on Marlin v2, I configured my own custom firmware for my 3D Printer.

2134 – Security and Enforcement – My new in-progress novel. The year is 2134. Humanity is at peace, thanks to the Global Security and Enforcement Corporation. In fact, since war was declared illegal fifty years previous, humankind has been able to usher in a new era of peace and prosperity. But, perhaps in their pursuit for rest, they have forgotten the cost of freedom. Join Craig Torrey, VP of GSEC and chair of GSEC North America, as he and a small group of compatriots stumble upon a deadly conspiracy, a plan hidden just under the surface of a “perfect” world meant to tear it apart, and they figure out how to deal with the responsibility of this knowledge.

OverScore Studios - A business venture I’m looking to start. OverScore Studios is a decentralized design agency focused on creating unique mixed media experiences. We’re looking for team members currently, so contact us if you’re interested in joining!

brilliantPrintables - A branch of Bot-In-a-Box dedicated to creating custom 3D objects.

Innovate Trent - A club at Trent University dedicated to finding people with great ideas and giving them the tools and connecting them with the right people in order to see their ideas to fruition.

EC Hacks - Trent University’s annual hackathon. I’m on the finance team for our fourth hackathon in Novement 2019.