My picture - Matthew Piercey

I’m an 19-year-old Ontarian who grew up in Elmvale. I’m a Christian, first and foremost, and I’m not ashamed of that fact. Without the hope that my faith gives me, I’d be completely lost, unable to accomplish anything worthwhile. That’s not to say that with my faith I’m perfect, though. But, I wholeheartedly believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of the God who created this universe, loves me and cared enough about my insignificant, wretched soul to die in my place so that I can be a part of the place He’s preparing for me (John 14:2). But even if everything I believe in turns out to be wrong, at the end of my life I can say that I have lived for a reason, a purpose, and that my life meant something. Some would say I’m old-fashioned, others that I’m too much of a forward thinker, but I frankly don’t care what they think.

Anywho, I’m also a bit of an entrepreneur, and own and operate my own business, Bot-In-a-Box Educational Robotics. In my spare time I fiddle around with my 3D Printer (a Wanhao i3 V2.1 if anyone’s interested in knowing), dabble with web design and mini Linux computers (like the Raspberry Pi 3 B+, Orange Pi Zero, and NanoPi Neo), and am currently in the process of writing a book. (2134: Security and Enforcement).

Beyond these things, I enjoy a good meme as much if not more than the next guy, and I’m more than slightly obsessed with the Star Wars and MegaMan universes. And, I have a rather decent Steam library. If you’re on Steam too, send a friend request to @thedeleterofworlds if you feel like a co-op session of Gmod, Portal 2, Dawn of War: Soulstorm, or Star Wars Battlefront II (the good one).